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Purposeful Pivoting

Are you ready for a trip that connects you to other amazing women and helps you pivot purposefully to the next chapter in your life?

Life Changes. Are you recently single, divorced, widowed, an empty nester, changing careers or in a season of change? If so, this trip could be for you! We will have a Mental Health Counselor with us who will be incorporating counseling skills to help you discover and plan the life you are meant to live. Connect with other inspiring women on this trip of a lifetime as we have fun, experience adventure and spend time learning to pivot purposefully to the next chapter in life. 
This trip will be limited to a small number of women and will take place September 7-10, 2023. 
For more information please reach out to Sarah directly.
Location: Breckenridge, CO
Limited to 8 women
Previous Trips Led by Purposeful Wanderings: 

In September of 2014 I took a small group of widowed women from America to visit the work of two organizations that help widows in need in Kenya. It was an honor to put together a trip of such significance. You can read about it here: Widows Trip to Africa






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