Sisters: A very special women's trip to Africa



In September of 2014 a very special group of widowed women from America traveled to Kenya to visit the work of two organizations that help widows in need in Africa. It was an honor to put together a trip of such significance and to be there. You can read about it here: Widows Trip to Africa


Plans are in the making for another trip of great significance. This time the trip will be open to all women as it is truly about creating community with each other all over the world. The perspective that is provided as you experience life in Africa as you connect with others in this world is invaluable as it teaches you more about yourself and others than you could have ever imagined! The trip will also include a safari and you will certainly walk away a new woman.

For future trips we will also incorporate life coaching so that you can use the experience as a catalyst for life change.


 Contact Purposeful Wanderings for further details.