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    Who we are    

Purposeful Wanderings works closely with clients, travel industry partners, and charities in order to create itineraries of legacy for those that wish to cultivate rich memories and lasting significance for themselves as well as family members, loved ones, and friends.



Purposeful Wanderings will donate a portion of the proceeds from your vacation to a charity that gives back to the city or country in which you visit. 





 Customized Itineraries


Purposeful Wanderings is able to create a detailed itinerary that is unique to you. Tell us what the purpose of your vacation is and we can do the rest, including suggesting where to go as we have extensive knowledge of well known and under the radar destinations. 

We work with budgets from around $10,000 and up per week for families and $7000 and up for individuals/couples.

Hotel, Villa, Cruise & Yacht Bookings


Simply need us to suggest and book luxury accommodation with added VIP benefits?  We can do that too!


We have relationships with a variety of luxury hotels, resorts, villas, cruises and yachts that will ensure you have an exceptional stay at your destination. 

Legacy Travel


Purposeful Wanderings is passionate about creating itineraries that involve cultural education while enriching relationships. With a Master's degree in Education and having traveled the world, Sarah has the experience, knowledge and connections to design an itinerary that will leave a legacy for you and your loved ones. 



    Why are you wandering?        

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