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Terms & Conditions 



Trip Insurance

It is highly recommended that all travelers purchase trip insurance and Purposeful Wanderings can help you to obtain a policy. Purposeful Wanderings is not responsible for incidents that are outside of their control. 



Booking the Trip 

A simple hotel , cruise or resort booking does not require any fee. For those that do, such as requests for detailed itineraries, a deposit is required to begin the vacation planning process. 

  • Detailed Itinerary & Special Requests (Including custom tours, guides and a detailed timeline of suggestions for what to do each day,  etc.) – $500 for new clients and $250 for existing clients. For group itineraries the fee is from $500

  • Flights – Purposeful Wanderings will recommend flights for you to book that align well with itinerary. We also partner with a flight specialist who can book your flights for a fee if you would like further assistance.


Changes and cancellations

The trip planning deposit is non-refundable. Changes made to the final itinerary after it has been completed and sent to the client may require additional fees and will be discussed with the client prior to making them. Additional fees will also apply for last minute bookings.



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