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Purposeful Beginnings


My name is Sarah W. Pierson and I have been planning and

leading trips for years. I love travel, I love design, and I love what I do. 


















At a young age my Father took me on a trip to Ghana with a medical missions team. I saw first hand how exciting and different this world is. The experience forever changed my heart, mind, and soul


I have travelled around the world for leisure, as a photographer, and as the Co-Founder of a travel company that combined luxury vacations with volunteer work. After leading trips for three years to destinations such as Argentina, China, France, and India, I decided to branch out on my own with Purposeful Wanderings. In doing so, I have had the honor to create beautiful custom vacations for my clients all over the world. I have also had an amazing time creating and leading design focused trips to destinations like Marrakech and Paris. 


Of the group trips I have led, the most personally significant was a journey to Kenya for a group of young widows. It was a life enriching and healing experience that I will offer again as I know first hand the change that can happen when you travel. 

After over five years of living in London, my family and I moved to Denver in 2018. Along the way we spent over 4 months traveling Colombia, Japan, the Maldives, Sri Lanka and throughout South East Asia with our children who were 2 and 4 years old at the time. I continue to explore the world scouting out the best travel destinations when I can.







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